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(Posted 17 June 2019)

Veterinary Assistants Wanted - Full time and part time

Valley Veterinary Centre

Valley Veterinary Centre is a very well established small animal practice (actually HK's first small animal practice!) on Hong Kong Island. We are practicing in a high quality, purpose fit out facility. The location is great, the clients are excellent and the job is rewarding.

Job Requirements

  • Excellent fluency in English and Cantonese
  • Previous experience (qualified veterinary assistant preferred but not essential)
  • Mature, punctual, willing to learn and willing to follow instructions
  • Weekend and Public holiday work expected
  • Working as part of a team is expected
  • Genuine love and respect for animals
  • Respect for clients and other work colleges
  • Flexible working times
  • Able to start "soon"


  • Great working conditions and times
  • Excellent clients, in an established practice, in a nice location
  • Competitive salary based on experience
  • Ability to take more responsibility as ability is proven

If you think you fit the requirements please send a your CV and letter of application to

Dr Lloyd Kenda

Private & Confidential

Valley Veterinary Centre
G/F 15 Yuen Yuen Street
Happy Valley
Hong Kong