The Hong Kong Veterinary Association (HKVA) Policy Statement on Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • The HKVA recognises the importance of continuing education and that the efforts of its members to improve their knowledge and skills base is often unrecognised and unrewarded.

  • It is therefore essential for the standing of the profession within Hong Kong that veterinary surgeons not only keep up to date with general developments in veterinary science and in particular within their chosen area of professional endeavour, but that they maintain an accurate and up to date written record of their CPD. The later point is particularly important since the increase in consumerism and public scrutiny of the professions. It is also essential that veterinary surgeons accept the philosophy of life-long learning and that they must therefore provide ongoing evidence of competence and skills upgrades through documented CPD.

  • Although CPD is not compulsory at present in Hong Kong, in the event of a complaint involving competence being made against a member of the HKVA, evidence of participation in CPD would be a significant element in their defence.

  • Employers should encourage and facilitate CPD. New graduates, in particular, require mentoring and support from their senior colleagues. This support must be provided until the new graduates are confident of their own ability to provide a full professional service.

  • The HKVA is firmly committed to providing CPD to the veterinary profession in Hong Kong. This takes various forms as detailed below:

    1. An Annual Conference (1-2 days)
    2. Evening Seminars from visiting speakers
    3. Informal rounds sessions given by local veterinarians
    4. Promoting overseas conferences
    5. Promoting distance education for members
    6. Email and website updates of veterinary related issues