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Day 1 Cytology Workshop

Date : Wednesday 29th August 2018
Venue : The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE), Hong Kong
Speaker : Dr. Monali Bera

Cost :
  • One day
    • Members : $2500
    • Non-Members : $3000
    • CPD Hours : 7

  • Both days
    • Members : $4000
    • Non-Members : $5000
    • CPD Hours : 14

Organizer : The Hong Kong Veterinary Association Ltd.

* Earn a total of 14 CPD points (7 points per day) *
approved by the Hong Kong Veterinary Surgeons Board

30 participants only. Please register early to avoid disappointment!

Registrants are encouraged to attend the free evening seminar on August 28 as well.

The workshops will run from 9am to 5pm. Participants will be provided with microscopes and cases and slides to go through with Dr Bera. Lunch and tea/coffee can be obtained from the canteen at the campus.

Key learning objectives

  • Understand the principles and practical aspects of sample collection, storage and preparation of cytologic samples
  • Describe the correct principles for routine cytologic slide examination
  • Be able to understand the cytological features of effusion samples, FNA samples, washes, and blood smears
  • Define the pathologic criteria used to reach and formulate a clinically useful cytologic interpretation

Day 1 (9am to 5pm):

Morning: The role of fine-needle aspiration cytology in the diagnosis of common skin and subcutaneous lumps and bumps

  • Review of the common skin tumors
  • Confidence building exercises to help differentiate between inflammatory and neoplastic processes in the skin
  • Deciding when to take a biopsy versus submitting a cytology

Afternoon: Fluid cytology: Interpreting cells in body fluid (cavitary effusions, nasal, bladder, and prostatic washes)

  • Differentiating between neoplasia and reactive mesothelial cells in cavitary effusions
  • Distinguishing between diagnostic and non-diagnostic specimens and when to collect more sample for evaluation

Day 2 (9am to 5pm):

Morning and part of afternoon: Hemolymphatic system: Cytologic evaluation of lymph node, spleen, and blood smears

  • Understanding the difference between lymphoid hyperplasia, lymphoma/leukemia, and what's normal
  • Recognizing regenerative anemias
  • Assessment of platelet numbers and morphology in peripheral blood

Afternoon: Cytologic evaluation of canine and feline liver aspirates and bile smears

  • Cytologic criteria to distinguish hepatocellular carcinoma from hyperplasia
  • Using cytology to detect suppurative and chronic active inflammation in the liver
  • Cytopathologic evaluation of gall bladder bile (inflammation versus infection versus neoplasia)

Speaker Biography

Dr. Monali Bera

Dr. Bera received her BS degree in animal physiology and neurosciences from the University of California, San Diego (2001) and her doctorate in veterinary medicine from Michigan State University (2006). She attended Colorado State University, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences where she completed a 3 year residency program in anatomic pathology while concurrently obtaining her MS degree where she investigated the pathogenesis of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.

Subsequently, Dr. Bera completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at Harvard Medical School in Boston. In 2011, she obtained her board certification with the American College of Veterinary pathologists. She moved to Singapore in 2013, after accepting a position with Philip Morris International where she applied her knowledge and experience in a R&D preclinical toxicology testing laboratory. At PMI, Dr. Bera provided scientific and technical oversight to the necropsy and histology services in the testing facility, collaborated on research projects with investigators and contributed pathology expertise to preclinical toxicology studies. In 2015, Dr. Bera moved to Australia where she worked for IDEXX laboratories for 1 year, changing her focus to diagnostic pathology. In May, 2016, she joined Asia Veterinary Diagnostics, where she is working on-site in Singapore as Senior Veterinary Pathologist, Head of Veterinary Support and Quality assurance. She is an active member of the ACVP, ASVP (Australian Society of Veterinary Pathology), and STP. Her areas of interest include diagnostic and clinical pathology of domestic animals, respiratory and hepatobiliary pathology/toxicology, mechanisms of disease, and lab animal pathology.

Hope to see you there.
Dr Ruan Bester, Howie Wong
HKVA CPD Coordinator

For enquiries please email secretariat@medcom.com.hk

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