(Posted 12 May 2020)

American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists
On-line Course

This is a 3 weeks course on basic veterinary ophthalmology, designed by ACVO, which is usually held biannually at either NC State or UC Davis. In the past it has been offered first to residents of ACVO and ECVO. However, owing to COVID-19, the usual course has been cancelled and is now being offered online with no limitation to the number of participants.

The course will be offered as a series of online webinars to be watched at your convenience in any time zone at any time during an 8-week period (June 20 to August 16, 2020, Pacific Daylight Time). This will be supplemented with live and recorded online chats/discussions. The same lecture content will be offered as before with the exception of the retinoscopy and cytology labs.

More information is available from the ACVO and visit the updated website for complete course information ASAP.


Dr Howie Wong
CPD Co-ordinator