(Posted 17 December 2020)

HKVA Notice: President's Speech Christmas 2020


Christmas Greetings

Dear Members,

On behalf of the HKVA Executive Committee I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Even though COVID-19 decreased our activities this year there was still work behind the scenes for our Executive and I would like to thank them for all their work this year. Howie Wong (The Younger One) for organizing CPD events which unfortunately had to be cancelled. Florence Chan and Florence Tang for their excellent work as Secretary and Treasurer respectively. Thanks to Vidya Bhardwaj who is our current WSAVA, FSAVA and FAVA representative and to Hilary Lam, Sarah Churgin and Gary Lo for all their work during the year.

Please note that there are hundreds of hours of CPD available online which can be accessed through the HKVA Website at

The HKVA in association with St John's Ambulance has run 12-14 public Pet's First Aid courses per year for the past 4-5 years but unfortunately only a few courses could be in 2020. We are continuing to work with St John's on fine tuning these courses and I would encourage any vets or nurses who are interested in being involved to contact us via the Secretariat. I would like to offer a special thanks to Kathryn Tai, Jason Yew, Angela Lau and Howie Wong who have made this possible.

I would encourage all people who are interested in contributing to the profession to consider attending the AGM which will be held towards the end of April, 2021. A notice will be sent out with details early next year. This will be a voting year so I would encourage you to attend and run for office. I am planning on stepping down at the end of my current term and would like to tell you it has been a privilege to be involved with the HKVA.

The Clinic Accreditation Scheme was set to be launched in January, 2020 but became another victim of COVID-19, we hope to run the scheme as soon as we are able. If you are setting up a new clinic you will find the information in this section very useful and time-saving in terms of navigating Government requirements. Please visit the website for all relevant information.

As I always do at this time of the year, I wish to remind you that your yearly membership is due and encourage you to renew it. Please note membership benefits in 2020 includes; a free Vetstream subscription, special offers for on-line CPD conferences and lectures, special offers for Professional Indemnity Insurance, free subscription to the World Veterinary Association on-line CPD portal and discounted general Health Insurance Policies. For young vets who envisage working in Hong Kong for many years to come I would remind you that we have a life membership which is extremely good value.

Unfortunately, our mentoring program which we had started setting up to aid new graduates has also been stalled. Our aim was to bring vets, who have graduated within the last 5 years, together for mutual support and development. If you are a vet who falls into this category or even if you aren't and you are experiencing professional problems please reach out to those around you or contact us through the secretariat.

I am looking forward to your continued support next year as we continue to work towards improving the veterinary profession in Hong Kong.

Please send all correspondence to

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Tom Mangan
HKVA President