Young vets would have poor prospect

Young vets would have poor prospects
South China Morning Post

I refer to the letter by Can Chan Hoi-yin (¡§Why HK needs school to train young vets¡¨, May 7).
It is a novel idea for creating more job opportunities for the next generation.

Many of those multi-millionaires who made their fortunes from property will be buying dogs, because they are yet another important status symbol, like having the latest smartphone or iPad.

However, I cannot help thinking that some of the graduates from the vet school, faced with skyrocketing rents, will end up as chemical products salesmen or part of a firm¡¦s customer services team, unless they get a coveted job as a veterinary surgeon with the Jockey Club.

The problem is that Hong Kong is relatively small with limited job opportunities, but our universities keep churning out science graduates. So, for example, I know of a biochemistry graduate who could only get a job with a credit card company before joining the cabin crew of an airline.

We have lots of talented young people, but we have to match the skills they acquire to the needs of society instead of wasting educational resources.

Pang Chi Ming, Fanling