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The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

The University of Edinburgh is an internationally acclaimed institution and its Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies offers a wide range of expertise in Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

The R(D)SVS was opened in November 1823, supported by student fees and a grant from the Highland Society of Scotland. It was the work of William Dick, a graduate of the University of Edinburgh Medical School and the London Veterinary College.

William himself was an outstanding practitioner, and held the distinguished position of Veterinary Surgeon to the Queen in Scotland, with his professional opinion being sought throughout the UK.

By the time of his death in 1866, the 818 students he had taught were to be found throughout the world. Among them were the founders of veterinary schools in Glasgow, Liverpool, Ireland, Canada, the USA and Australia. In 1906, the College was named the Royal (Dick) Veterinary College by Act of Parliament. It became a constituent part of the University of Edinburgh in 1951 and a full faculty in 1964.

The School is now part of the University's College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine and continues to be a world leader in veterinary education providing a high quality and innovative learning experience.

We can now bring that learning experience to you, through our online professional development courses. We look forward to working with you.

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Thursday 3rd & Friday 4th December 2009

Thursday 3rd December

'Unusual Presentations of Common Diseases in Hong Kong'
Dr. Brad Chadwick
Brad graduated with a veterinary degree from Murdoch University in 1985. He completed his PhD in Molecular Virology in 1995 from Murdoch and then did his post-doctoral studies at the Royal Veterinary College in London. He currently owns and runs a veterinary diagnostic laboratory in Hong Kong.

'Interesting facts about Crocodile Medicine'
Dr Paulo Martelli
Paulo graduated from Belgium University in 1991. He was Director of Veterinary Services at Singapore Zoo from 1993 - 2004 and is currently the Chief Veterinarian at Ocean Park, a position he has held since 2005. He is the Vice-chairman of IUCN Crocodile Specialist Group - Veterinary Sciences. He is also the President of the Hong Kong Veterinary Association.

Friday 4th December

'Otitis Externa - Interesting Cases'
Dr Carmel Talyor
Carmel graduated from Dublin University and arrived in Hong Kong in the early nineties. She worked at the SPCA for many years and recently stopped full-time work to concentrate her attention on having a family and developing her interest in Dermatology. She was involved at a high level in the organization of the International Dermatology Congress held in Hong Kong last year.

'Small Animal Case Reports'
Dr Liza Koster
Liza graduated from the University of Pretoria in 1999. In 2003 she completed a post-graduate degree in Internal Medicine and Clinical Pathology. After working for three years in small animal practice including time spent at the SPCA in Hong Kong she returned to South Africa and recently completed a three year residency at the Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital from which she graduated as a specialist physician. She is currently working at Peace Avenue Veterinary Clinic.


Venue: YMCA, 41 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui - please refer to room directions in the hotel lobby.

Cost: $150 per night (Non-members welcome)
This includes a buffet dinner

Dinner from 7pm and lectures will commence at 8pm.

Please RSVP by e-mail to secretariat@medcom.com.hk on or before the 3rd December.

Sponsored by:

Thursday 3rd & Friday 4th December 2009
Please note that the event has been cancelled

and will hopefully be held next year.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Ophthalmology

Dinner from 7pm, lectures start at 8pm.

Thursday 3rd December 8-10:30pm

Can you see what I can see? A refresher of the ophthalmic examination (45 V 60 mins)
Dealing with the bug-eyed dogs V Brachycephalic ocular problems (90 V 120 mins)

Friday 4th December 8-10:30pm

Feline Focus - An overview of the common, and not so common ocular problems we encounter in cats. (approx 2.5 hrs)


Venue: YMCA, 41 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui - please refer to room directions in the hotel lobby.

Cost: $350 (HKVA Members) per night, $600 for both nights. $500 per night for non-members

This includes a buffet dinner & notes on a CD

Please RSVP by e-mail to secretariat@medcom.com.hk on or before the 30th November.

Sponsored by Royal Canin

Opthalmology - Dr Sally M Turner MA VetMB DVOphthal MRCVS

Sally Turner qualified from the University of Cambridge in 1991. She spent 2 years in small animal practice before taking up a Residency in Comparative Ophthalmology as GDBA Fellow at the Animal Health Trust, Newmarket. She gained her Certificate in Ophthalmology in 1994 and then the Diploma in 1997. She is an RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Ophthalmology and currently works at both Stone Lion and Mandeville Veterinary Hospitals. In addition to providing a full ophthalmology referral service for clients pets, she lectures regularly to both veterinary surgeons and nurses, is involved with RCVS examining and is the author of two books on veterinary ophthalmology


Wednesday & Thursday 25-26 November Soft Tissue Surgery - Prof Gilles Dupre (University of Vienna, Austria)

Wednesday 25th November :Surgical Correction and Considerations in Brachycephalic Syndrome

Thursday 26th November: Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair and an Introduction to Laparoscopic and Mini-invasive Surgery (convincing people to start)

Venue: YMCA (41 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui )
Time: Dinner from 7.00pm, lectures from 8.00-10.00pm
Cost: $350 (HKVA Members) per night, $600 for both nights. $500 per night for non-members

This includes a buffet dinner


Soley sponsored by Hills

For enquiries or reservations, please e-mail secretariat@medcom.com.hk on or before the 18th November.

Prof Gilles Dupre
Training and degrees
1980 : Graduated from Maisons-alfort Veterinary school
1980-1982 : Assistant in the surgical department of Maisons-alfort veterinary school
1986-1987 : Training in small animal surgery at Ohio State university.
1993 : Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Surgeons
1999 : Diplomate of human surgical pneumology and thoracoscopic surgery
1988-2005 : Co-head of the surgical department of the referral and emergency hospital, clinique frmgis.
2005-Current : Head of small animal surgery, Veterinary University of Vienna
Past president of the surgical group of the CNVSPA/AFVAC association
Over one hundred publications and 14 books or book chapters.
Invited as guest speaker in many national and international meetings.
Soft tissue surgery, oncologic surgery and mini-invasive surgery


Wednesday 21st October

Internal Medicine - Dr Hugh Stanley

Topic: Acute Renal Failure - the Pees and Q's

Venue: Mariner's Club, 11 Middle Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Time: 7pm (Dinner & registration), 8-10pm: Lecture

Cost: $150 (HKVA Members), $250 (Non-members) - includes dinner & a set of notes on a CD

Sponsored by Hills

Please RSVP to: secretariat@medcom.com.hk on or before 16th October

Dr. Hugh Stanley MRCVS, BVM&S, MACVSc (Small Animal Med.), PhD, a native of Northern Ireland, has lived in Hong Kong since 1992. He qualified as a veterinary surgeon from the Royal (Dick) Veterinary College of the University of Edinburgh in 1984. After participating in a veterinary research project in Botswana he returned to the University of Edinburgh in 1985 to complete his PhD, during which time he was involved in veterinary undergraduate tuition and private locum work in practices in Scotland. After receiving his Doctorate he became the veterinary advisor for the pharmaceutical division of Rhone Merieux, initially for the markets of South Asia, Russia, Australia and South Africa, and later as the small animal consultant for the UK. During his tenure in industry he maintained his clinical interest by working part-time in veterinary practices in the Greater London area, and in 1990 he took on a full time position in a small animal and exotic private practice. In 1992 he came to Hong Kong to manage a veterinary clinic in Repulse Bay. After six years he moved onto the locum circuit in the SAR to allow him time to develop his passion as a dive instructor and underwater photographer. In 2000 he joined the SPCA as an associate veterinary surgeon and became the Director of Veterinary Services in 2002. He left the SPCA at the end of 2004 to join Hung Hom Veterinary Clinic to facilitate his postgraduate studies, gaining Membership in the Small Animal Medicine chapter of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists (MACVSc Small Animal Med.) in 2006. He is interested in all aspects of veterinary science with a particular interest in internal medicine and ultrasonography.

Monday 21st September

Emergency Medicine - WSAVA - Dr Terry King

Topics: Acute Toxic Liver Failure, Management of Seizures & Status Epilepticus

Venue: The Police Officer's Club, No.28 Hung Hing Rd., Causeway Bay, Hong. Kong
Time: Dinner from 7.00pm, lecture from 8.00-10.00pm
Cost: HKVA Members: $350, Non-members: $500 - includes buffet dinner
For enquiries or reservations, please e-mail secretariat@medcom.com.hk on or before the 14th September.
Thursday 17th September

Cardiology - Dr Christophe Lombard

Topic: Diagnostic Aids in Small Animal Cardiology, including use of Biomarkers & some Echocardiographic aspects of the diseases

Venue: YMCA (41 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui)
Time: Dinner from 7.00pm, lecture from 8.00-10.00pm
Cost: HKVA Members: $350, Non-members: $500 - includes buffet dinner

Sponsored by Hills

For enquiries or reservations, please e-mail secretariat@medcom.com.hk on or before the 14th September.

31 Aug - 1 Sept 2009

Orthopaedic Seminars and Workshop

1. Alessandro Piras
2.Geoffrey Michael Robins


  • August 31st: Fundamentals of orthopaedics - staying out of trouble
  • September 1st: Advanced orthopaedics - limb alignment and joint injuries


  • Orthopaedic Workshop - September 1st 9.30am-12.30pm

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Venue: YMCA (TST), dinner from 7.00pm, lectures from 8.00-10.20pm

Cost: HKVA Members: $350, Non-members: $500 for one night only
HKVA Members: $600 for both nights

For enquiries or reservations, please e-mail secretariat@medcom.com.hk on or before the 27th August, 2009.


Cost: HKVA Members: $5,500.00 which includes free entry to both seminars and lunch.

Venue: The workshop will be held at the Animal House situated at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The University is situated in the New Territories. For people travelling on the KCR from TST please alight at University Station. Exit on the University (left) side of the station, turn right and start walking up the hill. Take the first turn on the right which will lead you over a railway bridge. Follow the road to its end and you will arrive at the Animal House. There will be signs along the road.

Please click below for the map: Animal House Map

For enquiries or reservations, please e-mail secretariat@medcom.com.hk on or before the 14th August, 2009. This will be on a first come, first served basis - as there are limited places available. You will be notified as soon as possible if you have been successful in obtaining a place and payment details will be forwarded to you at that time. Please state whether or not you can bring a set of equipment and/or a power drill/saw. If you do not have the full set of equipment please list the equipment you do have.

sponsored by:

St. Lucia Surgical Services
24 Tarcoola Street, St. Lucia,Qld. 4067
Phone/Fax: 61 7 3371 5866
Email: geoff_robins@bigpond.com



13th - 23rd July, 2009 Online Veterinary Conference (www.veteducation.com.au)

16 lectures covering Business, Practice management and Clinical Streams

Special offer for HKVA members: conference rate of A$570 plus GST per practice for the whole conference (instead of A$695 plus GST)

This registration fee includes participation for 4 Veterinarians, lecture notes, video pod casts and 32 AVA CE points for the conference

The details of all lectures can be found on: www.veteducation.com.au

The above offer is valid till the 5th of July 2009

6- 8 July
(Monday - Wednesday)

Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine
Mini Seminar
(CPD credit pending)
Hong Kong 6th July 2009

1. A mini seminar on 6 July - this is a special offer to cater for busy practitioners who can't attend the full course but want to know about VCHM

2. CPE credits have been applied for: both the mini seminar and the full VCHM course

3. To fit the mini seminar offer, the deadline for registration has been extended to 20 June 2009.

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Wednesday 3 June, 2009 Seminar
'A Western Research Approach to Chinese Medicine'

Venue: Mariner's Club(TST), dinner from 7.00pm, lectures from 8.00-9.30pm

Cost: HKVA Members: $150, Non-members: $250

Dr. Dewi Rowlands

Dewi originates from Wales but has lived in Hong Kong for 12 years. He is currently a Scientific Officer at the Laboratory Animal Services Centre at The Chinese University of Hong (CUHK), where he is the Manager of the Research Unit. His background is in drug discovery in both Western Pharmaceuticals as well as novel compounds from Traditional Chinese Medicine, with particular emphasis on drugs that modulate neurophamacological and endocrine targets. Dewi studied for his PhD in the Dept. Physiology at CUHK, also with his post-doctoral fellowship at the Epithelial Cell Biology Research Centre, CUHK. He has also studied Laboratory Animal Science, Pharmacology, as well as Business Management. His current interest includes development of new animal models of disease, as well as improvements in animal welfare, especially in the fields of analgesia and anaesthesia. He holds a number of international patents and has over 20 publications in peer-reviewed journals, together with a book chapter on lab animal anaesthesia and analgesia. In his spare time Dewi enjoys sports, dragon boats, and is fanatical about rugby in which he has represented Hong Kong as an international rugby referee.

For enquiries or reservations, please forward to secretariat@medcom.com.hk on or before the 1st June.

Tuesday 12 May, 2009

Medical management of chronic kidney disease - a practical approach. Nutrition and kidney diseases. Medical management of acute renal failure: limitations and newer treatment options. Current recommendations for the treatment of glomerulonephritis.


Venue: YMCA (TST), dinner from 7.30pm, lectures from 8.30-10.30pm
Cost: HKVA Members: $350, Non-members: $500

Dr. Thierry Francey (University of Berne, Switzerland)

Thierry Francey graduated from the University of Berne, Switzerland in 1988.

After a Residency in Small Animal Internal Medicine (University of Berne and Louisiana State University) he specialized further in nephrology with a Fellowship in Renal Medicine and Hemodialysis at the University of California Davis.

He stayed in Davis as a Lecturer in Internal Medicine and Nephrology until 2005 before coming back to Switzerland.

He is currently Head of the Division of Small Animal Internal Medicine at the University of Berne and he pursues his main interests in the clinical manifestations of uremia and the use of advanced renal therapies in small animals.

Solely sponsored by:

For enquiries or reservations, please forward to secretariat@medcom.com.hk on or before the 10th May.

Monday 4 May, 2009 Seminar
Advanced echocardiography in small animals (How to take correct measurements for M-Mode, 2D and Doppler with some clinical examples). Update on diagnosis and treatment of the most common congenital heart diseases in the dog.
Venue: YMCA (TST), dinner from 7.00pm, lectures from 8.00-10.00pm

Cost: HKVA Members: $350, Non-members: $500
Dr. Claudio Bussadori

1982 Graduated Doctor in Veterinary Medicine
1993 ECVIM ca (Cardiology) Diploma (Founding Diplomat)
2001 Graduated Medical Doctor
2007 PhD Cardiovascular Pathophysiology
1993 to 1999 Vice President of ECVIM
1997 to 1999 ESVC President

Director of Clinica Veterinaria Gran Sasso and Cardiology consultant
Head of research at paediatric cardiology department of San Donato Milanese Hospital
Research consultant at the research centre for cardiotorachic surgery at San Donato Milanese Hospital

Teaching activity
Director of ECVIM Residency program (Cardiology) at Clinica Veterinaria Gran Sasso
Director of the Master on "Cardiology and Internal Medicine" at University of Parma
Seminars Lecturer on congenital heart diseases at Faculty of Medicine University of Milano
1993-1997 Temporary in charged professor Cardiology University of Parma
Lecturer and instructor at different courses at the University of Turin and Pisa 2004-2005
Temporary in charged professor in Cardiology University of Turin

Field of research
Strain and Strain Rate in Echocardiography with particular interest for congenital heart diseases and cardio-surgery patient.

More than 200 papers published on Medical and Veterinary journals including original articles, congress abstracts and book chapters.

Solely sponsored by

For enquiries or reservations, please forward to secretariat@medcom.com.hk on or before the 1st May.

Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th March

Tuesday 24th:
Patellar luxation in small breeds - surgical management
Surgical oncology - planning to achieve the best results

Wednesday 25th:
Fracture planning and surgical management
Fractures what to do when things go wrong

Venue: Police Officer's Club, 28 Hung Hing Road, Causeway Bay (opposite Excelsior Hotel, a short walk from the Noon Day Gun or HK Yacht Club)

Cost: $300 (one night, HKVA member), $400 (one night, non-HKVA member).
*** Special: $500 for both nights (HKVA members only). ***

This includes a buffet dinner & a set of printed notes.

RSVP notice to be released soon.

Sponsored by: Royal Canin

Soft tissue & Orthopaedic Surgery - Dr Andrew Worth
BVSc, PGDipVCS, MACVSc (Radiology), FACVSc (Small Animal Surgery) Registered Specialist

Andrew graduated from Massey University in 1990 and has worked in both Australia and the UK as a small animal veterinarian. In 1999 he completed membership examination of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientist in Radiology. From 2000-2003 he completed a residency in small animal surgery at the Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and he became a Fellow of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in 2006. He is currently Chief of Small Animal Surgery and a Senior Lecturer at the Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. His research interests in include working dog orthopaedic disease, lumbosacral degeneration and biomaterials. His clinical interests include minimally invasive surgery and advanced surgical technologies. Andrew is the convenor for the NVZA Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Panels and co-Director of the Centre for Working and Service Dog Health and Research.

Tuesday 17th March "The Urinary Tract: Management of patients that can't pee and those that can't stop!"

Venue: Marco Polo Prince Hotel (3/F, Beijing Suites), Harbour City, 23 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

7-8pm: Dinner;
8-10pm: Lectures

Cost: $350 (HKVA members), $500 (Non-members) - this includes a buffet dinner & a set of notes

Soft Tissue Surgery - Professor Sue Gregory BVetMed

Sue Gregory qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 1985. She spent the first 6 months in small animal practice before spending three years in the Department of Veterinary Surgery, University of Bristol as a Junior Fellow in Surgery. During that period she gained the RCVS Certificate and Diploma in Veterinary Radiology. Sue then spent 6 months as a temporary resident in small animal surgery at Cambridge University before returning to Bristol to do a PhD in the Department of Surgery. Sue returned to the Royal Veterinary College when she was appointed as a Lecturer in Small Animal Surgery in 1992. She has remained there since then, gaining the RCVS Diploma in Small Animal Surgery (soft tissue) in 1996, becoming a fellow of the Higher Education Academy and an RCVS specialist in small animal (soft tissue) surgery. Sue was appointed to the new chair in Veterinary Nursing in 2008 and her new responsibilities are to extend the Colleges involvement in teaching, clinical expertise and research in veterinary nursing.

Sue continues to undertake an active role in teaching and clinical work. Her research interests are mainly clinical, however she anticipates that in her new role this will broaden to include areas of animal welfare and veterinary medical education.

Sue's research interests are mainly clinical, however she anticipates that in her new role this may broaden to include areas of animal welfare and veterinary medical education.

RSVP to: secretariat@medcom.com.hk

Sponsored by: Royal Canin

Friday 6th March The importance of a multi modal approach to treating canine congestive heart failure and the value of ACE inhibitors as a component

7:15-8:00pm: Reception & Dinner
8-10pm: Lecture & Case Discussion

Venue: YMCA, 41 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Congestive heart failure (CHF) secondary to degenerative mitral valve disease (DMVD) is the most common cardiac reason for death in dogs. Currently many different treatment options are available to improve quality of life and to prolong survival in this population of dogs. The lecture will concentrate on the disease' pathophysiology and evidenced-based treatment options to give up-to-date guidelines for general practitioners.

Cost: Free

Fully sponsored & organised by Novartis & Lee Lung.

Please RSVP to: annie@leelung.com as soon as possible to confirm your place

Cardiology - Dr. Nicole Van Israel

Nicole Van Israel graduated as a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) with distinction from Ghent University in Belgium in 1991. Before specialising, Nicole spent 8 years in general practice in France , England and Switzerland and obtained 3 certificates (Ophthalmology from the National Veterinary School of Toulouse in France (CESOpht), Small Animal Medicine (CertSAM) and Veterinary Cardiology (CertVC) from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons of Great- Britain ). Additionally a six month sabbatical in three different Universities in the US (Cornell, Purdue and Madison-Wisconsin) were the encouragement for further specialisation. After a 3-year residency in cardiorespiratory medicine at the University of Edinburgh she obtained in 2002, after examination, the European Diploma in Internal Medicine, subspecialty of Cardiology and the status of European Specialist? in Veterinary Cardiology. This has been followed in 2003 by a Master in Science (MSc) by Research in Congenital Cardiology, also awarded by the University of Edinburgh .

She was a lecturer in Internal Medicine (Cardiology) at Lioge University in Belgium between 2002 and 2005. In 2004 she created a Consultancy in Small Animal CardioPulmonary Medicine (ACAPULCO) which offers a referralVonly service, a telemedicine service for veterinarians and a continuing professional education service for animal health professionals (www.acapulco-vet.be). ACAPULCO is located in Masta, next door to the famous F1 circuit from Spa-Francorchamps, and is the only private referral-only cardiopulmonary consultancy in the Benelux .

Wednesday 25th February Pulmonary Hypertension and other things that look and smell like Heart Failure but aren't - a uniquely Hong Kong perspective

Venue: Mariner's Club, 11 Middle Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

7.00-7.45pm Dinner/Registration
7.45-9.15pm Seminar
9.15-9.30pm Questions

Cost: $150 (members), $250 (non-members)

Please RSVP to secretariat@medcom.com.hk


Internal Medicine - Dr David Coyle, BVSc MACVSc (Small Animal Medicine)

After graduating in 1993 from the University of Queensland, David worked in a large small animal practice in Sydney for seven years, obtaining his Membership in Small Animal Medicine in 1998. Since leaving Australia in 2000, he has worked in most areas of Hong Kong, and has spent the last six years doing mostly referral and second opinion medicine and ultrasound. David plays a role in mentoring ACVSc candidates and veterinary students, and veterinary industry consulting. His small flat is also home to a wife, nearly three children and three street cats.

Sponsored by Royal Canin Royal Canin

Monday 16th February Case Studies with Audience Interaction - Basic PrinciplesTime: Dinner starts at 7pm, Lecture from 7:45-10:15pm

Venue: YMCA, 41 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (Please See Directions in the Hotel Lobby)

Cost: $350 (members), $500 (non-members)
This includes a buffet dinner

Please RSVP to secretariat@medcom.com.hk

Opthalmology - Dr Jeff Smith BVSc, FACVSc, Director

Jeff graduated from Sydney University in 1970 with a bachelor's degree in veterinary science. After three years in general practice, Jeff went to do his residency at Cornell University, upstate New York. Jeff passed ophthalmology specialist examinations in the USA, and was granted Diplomate status of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists. Jeff moved back to Australia in the early 1980s, and successfully passed membership examinations in canine medicine in the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists. In 1982 Jeff passed specialist qualifications in Australia in veterinary ophthalmology becoming a Fellow in the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists.

Since that time Jeff has been responsible for setting up the oldest continually running veterinary ophthalmology practice in Australia. He is also a past President of the Australian Veterinary Association (NSW Division). Jeff has a vast experience in providing both post graduate and undergraduate training. Currently he provides lectures and tutorials for the students at Sydney University in ophthalmic medicine, surgery and pathology. As well as this he is a partner in the Eye Clinic for Animals, providing a specialist ophthalmology service throughout Sydney and New South Wales. His non professional interests are sport oriented.

Sponsored by Royal Canin Royal Canin