Clinic Accreditation

HKVA Clinic Accreditation Scheme

The HKVA's Clinic Accreditation Scheme is now available.

Introduction Notes

Clinic Accreditation Documents
Basic Requirements   Clinic Requirements

On-line Registration Portal

For clinics which are interested in joining the scheme, please read the Introduction Notes and study the Clinic Accreditation Documents to ensure that the requirements are satisfied. The on-line registration portal will prompt for the uploading of many certificates and documents which clinics' are required to possess in order to operate legally in Hong Kong. A cheque payment will be required with registration and will only be banked after the registration has been checked and found to be in order. The first assessment period will be from 29th June – 3rd July 2020. The assessment will be carried out by an RCVS assessor.

The goal of the Clinic Accreditation Scheme is to provide members of the public with an objective means of knowing the standard of a veterinary clinic beyond the waiting room. The standards have been drafted based upon similar USA/Australian/UK and New Zealand schemes and take into account the unique aspects of veterinary practice in Hong Kong. The minimum standards have been devised to be realistically achievable and in line with minimum best practice standards world-wide. The scheme is voluntary.

The list of clinics which are accredited will be maintained on the public area of the HKVA website and accredited clinics will be allowed to use this in their advertising. The most important benefit of being involved in the scheme is that it helps to provide the clinic with credibility in the eyes of the public.