(Posted 26 May 2022)

Hong Kong Exotic Pet Trade Report

Message from ADM Capital Foundation

ADM Capital Foundation (ADMCF) launched a report on the local exotic pet trade: "Wild, Threatened, Farmed: Hong Kong's Invisible Pets".

The report sheds light on the scale and nature of Hong Kong's exotic pet trade, which over the last two decades has grown and diversified, pointing towards a vast and high value industry. Exotics were found to be imported in their millions, many of high conservation value and threatened with extinction, yet in high demand as pets. The report identifies key areas of concern regarding impacts on biodiversity; animal health and welfare; public health; and, ultimately, areas for potential policy and regulatory enhancement.

This report has been a long time in the making and we were very lucky to have received the help of many advisors including members from the veterinary community, who helped shape the document by providing feedback, case studies, literature recommendations, and photos. We hope this document will add to the growing body of work that demonstrates the clear need for reform in our regulation of the pet trade.

You can find the report materials, including the full report, executive summary in English & Chinese, links to the video and press materials on the ADMCF website:

You can also find links to download video content: Downloadable video files (Eng & Chi, available in different dimensions and lengths), and we also have posts on Facebook (English / Chinese), Instagram, Youtube (English / Chinese) and LinkedIn!

Christie Wong
Wildlife Programme Court Monitor
ADM Capital Foundation