(Posted 17 February 2020)

Coronavirus Information

Dear Members,

We have attached copies of the joint press release put out by AFCD, SPCA, HKVA and CityU concerning the current coronavirus situation.

We have also attached a copy of the of the WSAVA guidelines and a copy of the AFCD's quarantine procedures.

Joint PR on Covid 19 (English) (Chinese)

WSAVA Guidelines

AFCD's Quarantine Procedures

As veterinarians we do have an obligation to treat animals which need our care. Pets belonging to people who are confirmed to be infected will be quarantined by the AFCD. Sick pets who belong to owners who are on home quarantine do need to be seen and it is up to the owner to inform the clinic of their current situation. Clinics will need to take special precautions such as wearing of gloves, masks and possibly disposable scrub tops.

At this stage there is no evidence suggesting that cats and dog can carry and transmit the virus.

HKVA Executive