Prospective Vet Student

Scholarships to Study Vet Science

Recognized Veterinary Schools

If you are interested in studying veterinary science and working in Hong Kong please be aware that at present not every veterinary school is recognized by the Veterinary Surgeon's Board of Hong Kong

For a list of recognized veterinary schools please go to the VSB's website or the HKVA website


Hong Kong Government Scholarships

The Hong Kong Government is offering a scholarship program for high achieving students who wish to study in top universities around the world, the details can be found at the Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme webpage

The scholarship program does include students wishing to study veterinary science. Hong Kong students wishing to study veterinary science at top overseas universities are encouraged to apply.


Top Veterinary Schools around the world

The top 10 veterinary schools in the world

Ranking of USA veterinary schools

QS Top Veterinary Schools

(Please note that there are many rankings which can be found on the internet and only three are listed here. You are encouraged to do your own searches and compare the different rankings, this will hopefully enable you to come to your own conclusions)


Veterinary Science is probably not going to make you rich

Veterinary Science can be a very rewarding and enjoyable career but even though is can provide a reasonable income it is most likely not going to make you rich. The earning potential of veterinarians is limited by the hours in the day, their level of expertise and the amount of money the public is willing to spend on their pets.

Veterinary fees are often seen as being expensive but it should be pointed out that providing veterinary services is also expensive and profit margins are often not as high as in other professions or industries.

The number of veterinary schools has dramatically increased in recent years and so has the number of graduates, this has possibly occurred without a corresponding increase in the requirement for veterinary services. For more reading on this topic please go to

You are strongly encouraged to do your own research on this subject. As stated above veterinary science can be a very rewarding and enjoyable career but do not enter it as a sure way of becoming wealthy.